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Vivid Desires Come to Life

A brand for the dreamers and the go getters, VDL is the ‘solution to beauty’ that millennials desire. Global sense and a sensual color spectrum combine with world-famous artists, and celebrities to form the best in makeup technology.

Brand Philosophy


  • Beauty for dreamers


VDL is a brand for dreamers. We believe cosmetics empower people to be their true selves or even help them become whoever they wish to be. Be unique. Reveal your personality and discover infinite possibilities. Dream big, there are no boundaries to what you can become.


  • Breaking the norm


Combined with world class makeup artists’ experiences and cutting-edge technology from Korea, VDL brings products that you never seen before.  Since 2012, with such breakthroughs as the Lumilayer Primer, Expert Lip cube and Expert Metal Cushion, VDL has been developing and revolutionizing the beauty industry. We go above and beyond to change the face of beauty. 

Services Available at Nature Collection   
-   Express point makeup (eye/lip/eyebrow)

-   Mini facials (exfoliating, 5-step skincare routine) 

*appointment booking preferred 

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