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Beauty Finisher

A hydrating cream primer infused with VDL's trademark prismatic pearls that prolongs makeup wear and moisturizes the skin with a silky-smooth finish.

The Beauty Finisher makes the natural radiance of the skin last and leaves skin moisturized while enhancing the application of base makeup.

Used prune water: Loaded with prune water, made of prune full of minerals, vitamins and dietary ingredients to supply good nutrition on the skin.

Smoothing formula: A silky finish that creates smooth skin.


Hydrating formula: With plum water extract, known for its moisturizing properties, antioxidants and vitamins.

Skin protection: Finishing cream with a magnetic barrier which protects the skin and prolongs the hold of make-up.

Tones and revitalizes the skin: Microreflective system with Lumilayer pigment for a more luminous and natural toning effect.

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